Field Ready's H2H-funded project, locally manufactured aid in Vanuatu

Rapid prototyping of the handwashing station in Port Vila.jpg

Rapid prototyping of the handwashing station in Port Vila, Vanuatu (Field Ready).

Handwashing station

Loading handwasher stations onto banana boat for delivery to Malo island from Field Ready's Santo makerspace, with locally produced buckets (Field Ready).

A village nurse receiving a filter and bucket set in Ambae.jpeg

A village nurse receives a filter and locally manufactured bucket, Ambae, Vanuatu (Field Ready).

The H2H funding was extremely useful and effective for us, in enabling our participation in the emergency response in difficult circumstances, and in turn providing us with an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of local manufactured aid in the region and activate Field Ready’s disaster response capabilities in Vanuatu in a timely manner. The funding also enabled us to continue field operations in Vanuatu whilst our longer term projects were paused by the funders due to Covid-19 border closures and necessary activity plan pivoting. This provided a bridge to the point now where we are able to reactivate our longer-term projects in WASH and Disaster Risk Reduction, enabling further beneficial leveraging off the H2H funding (e.g. now having the Santo Humanitarian Makerspace active and staffed; awareness of locally produced critical WASH products). The funding created a powerful magnifier effect in this regard, on the effectiveness of our existing programme which will be significant at this point in the recovery cycle, and into the future." Luke Johnston, Innovation Lead -- Pacific, Field Ready.