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Feedback from members is clear: The H2H Network is greater than the sum of its parts.

Together, we are building the evidence base and raising our voices for the value of open source technical services to humanitarian responders – both within and beyond the traditional system. The network strengthens its members with advocacy, funding, information management, opportunities for learning, and collaboration.

Why join?


We’re the strongest advocates for H2H organizations and the role of collaborative, integrated technical services to improve humanitarian response and better support people in crisis.


Through the network’s website, searchable database, and communications channels, we profile members’ work to humanitarian responders, donors and policy makers. We build awareness of the H2H concept in traditional and social media, participate in events at international and regional levels and join field coordination meetings to ensure that our collaborative service packages have maximum impact.

The network exists to promote collaboration. Members work together in many ways, including by developing service packages, providing mutual technical support and sharing data and information. Members are included in H2H Network leadership, strategy development and decision-making.


The H2H Fund is an innovative financing solution for members, filling gaps and disbursing resources quickly. Eligibility is dependent on completing the network’s due diligence process. Read more >


We provide a range of learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities for members, from expert-led webinars and crisis watch calls to collaboration workshops, on-demand technical support and detailed feedback to all accepted and rejected grant applicants.

88 percent of members reported collaborating with other members in the network; 45 percent of those credited the network for facilitating the collaboration.

H2H Network members' survey, June 2020

We do not always have the funds available for rapid response, so the H2H Fund is essential.

Anonymous member, H2H Network Member Satisfaction Survey, June 2020

How to join

The membership committee will review applications in late January 2022, aiming to notify applicants by mid-February.