Local and global collaboration in Burkina Faso

Image by Anton Wagner from Pixabay.jpg

In late 2019, CDAC Network undertook a scoping mission to assess the status, current strengths and needs related to response-wide communications, community engagement and accountability (CCEA) in Burkina Faso. Following recommendations from the resulting situational analysis, CDAC, with funding from H2H Network’s Fund, supported by UK aid from the UK government, began operations to support the inception and integration of a common services approach to Accountability to Affected People, communication and engagement with communities to enable enhanced accountability, community acceptance, trust building and a more effective response in Burkina Faso. Piloting an innovative method of local leadership and international mentorship, the Burkina Faso national platform provided a new framework for CCEA localization.

“The Burkina Faso platform used an innovative structure – a national coordinator supported remotely by an international expert to convene local, national and international actors – to systematically embed communication and accountability in the response. The platform married localized expertise, cultural understanding and knowledge of context with international best practice and learning to form a robust initiative reliant on local actors that was rapidly able to respond to the multiple threats of Covid-19, mass displacement and chronic food insecurity. This is the future of humanitarian preparedness.” - Marian Casey-Maslen, Executive Director, CDAC Network