Welcoming our newest H2H Member: CyberPeace Institute

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We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest H2H Member, the CyberPeace Institute!

Protecting humanitarian and development organizations' cyberspace, the Institute investigates and analyzes the human impact of systemic cyber threats, delivers free cybersecurity assistance, tracks the enforcement of international laws and norms, and forecasts threats to cyber peace.

The H2H Network’s Executive Director Kim Scriven said: “We are excited to announce that the CyberPeace Institute has joined the H2H Network as our newest member. As the humanitarian sector faces an increasingly complex and insecure digital environment, it is crucial that organizations, large and small, have access to cyber security support. This is vital for enhancing the sector's accountability and efficiency. The CyberPeace Institute is already engaging with other H2H Members, and we are pleased to formally welcome them into the network as members.”

Founded in 2019, the CyberPeace Institute’s commitment to assisting organizations working with vulnerable communities has led to the development of the Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center and the flagship programme, CyberPeace Builders, designed to fortify the digital resilience of nonprofits worldwide through the support of corporate cybersecurity volunteers.

CyberPeace Insititue’s CEO, Stéphane Duguin said "The CyberPeace Institute is proud to have joined the H2H Network and offering its Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center, uniting our commitment to protect vulnerable communities with a shared goal of effective, efficient, and accountable humanitarian action. This collaboration will bolster the delivery of cyber defense services to enhance digital resilience among nonprofits. We aim to fortify a safer cyberspace for a more agile and responsive humanitarian system.”