H2H Network strengthens leadership and governance


The H2H Network has strengthened its leadership and governance by appointing a new interim director and electing a new interim chair of an expanded board of directors.

Lars Peter Nissen, director of ACAPS, an organization that provides independent assessments and analysis of humanitarian need, has assumed a part-time role as interim director of the network, taking over from Rebecca Petras.

Heba Aly, director of The New Humanitarian, a non-profit newsroom that reports from the heart of crises, has been elected chair of the network’s Board of Directors.

Consultant Monica Blagescu has been elected as a new independent member of the board, not affiliated to any member organization of the network.

These developments will strengthen the leadership and governance of the network during a transition period that aims to develop a new strategy; secure additional funding; and support greater member engagement.

Lars Peter said, “I’m delighted to accept the role of Interim Director, to build on the significant achievements that have already been made by the network and core team under Rebecca Petras’ leadership, and to take forward the next phase of our work together. I’d like to thank Rebecca for her remarkable contribution to the network over the past 2 years -- taking us from a loosely connected group of H2H organizations to a fully fledged network, building awareness and understanding of H2H as a distinct way of working across 11 fund activations to date.”

Heba said, “Rebecca and the team made tremendous progress formalizing the network and its support for members. Humanitarian-to-humanitarian services have gone from an interesting idea at the margins of the sector, to an increasingly recognized way to drive system-wide efficiency, accountability and impact. Now is the time to take the H2H innovation to the next level, and on behalf of the board and members, I’m excited to move forward with this new chapter for the network”.

Moving forward, 2021 will see the recruitment of a permanent executive director, the election of a permanent board chair, growth of the board of directors, a re-invigorated core team, a new strategy, a clearer relationship between the membership and the governance structure, and a strong and diverse funding base for the network. Together, these developments mark the beginning of an important new phase for the H2H Network.