The H2H Network activates its fund mechanism to accelerate humanitarian innovation

accelerator banner .png

Humanitarian needs have never been higher. Innovation is essential, both to meet today’s challenges and to prepare for those on the horizon. The H2H (humanitarian-to-humanitarian) Network has activated its fund mechanism to support members in developing new services aiming at unlocking change and driving improvements across the wider humanitarian system. Over the next four months, three H2H Members will receive financial support and guidance on how to bring their innovations to scale. Projects include a data hosting system that enables the simple and effective management of multiple datasets, an initiative supporting humanitarian actors to adapt their interventions to the climate crisis, and a tool supporting localized production and procurement in humanitarian action.

The H2H Network’s Executive Director Kim Scriven said: “H2H organisations have always been at the forefront of efforts to improve the system, driving innovation and demonstrating new possibilities. Building on this knowledge and experience around previous instances of positive change, we’re delighted to be working with USAID to pilot this accelerator programme. It will prioritise new partnerships within and beyond the H2H membership and create novel combinations of skills, approaches and technologies.”


During the funded accelerator process, the H2H Network members will be supported to develop the following innovations:

Groupe URD will develop solutions to enhance the impact and implementation of their climate and humanitarian crisis initiative dedicated to improving preparedness and response to environmental related disasters.

Humanitarian Logistics Association will develop a new tool to enable aid agencies to better support local markets and businesses through a local procurement learning framework.

Relief Applications will develop a data management solution to offer an application builder to enable humanitarian organisations to manage the whole data cycle with only one integrative tool.


Recent years have seen multiple unprecedented crises challenging the humanitarian response system in new and familiar ways. The immediacy of climate change impacts is contributing to a growing sense that the humanitarian system is not adapting appropriately. H2H Network members provide technical services with the potential to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian action which can unlock these changes and support adaptation. However, many H2H actors lack the resources to further develop their services and solutions.

The funding for this accelerator programme builds on the pilot “Get Ready Fund” (2020-2021). It provided micro-funding to six established H2H Members across four thematic areas, focusing on anticipation, adaptation, and innovative technical solutions.

This H2H Accelerator Programme is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).