Funding announcement: H2H Network Get Ready Fund support package


Funding announcement: Get Ready Fund Support Package

Helping members to be response-ready and adapt to new realities in crisis response.

The H2H Network has activated its new “Get Ready Fund”, aiming to support members to develop processes, systems and services allowing them to respond faster and more effectively to crises in 2021 and beyond. Six member agencies who specialize in community engagement and accountability; quality and sector professionalization; and data and information management, will implement projects focused on anticipation and adaptation to new realities. Results will be documented in the form of a series of case studies, targeting H2H organizations and the wider humanitarian community. Projects run from 1 December until 31 May 2021.

Events in 2020 have brought to light a need for adaptation and change in approaches crisis response worldwide. The shifting nature and global impact of Covid-19 set it apart from other crises.

H2H technical skills and services can support responders to tackle crises effectively and efficiently. On several occasions in 2020, H2H Network members have managed to overcome travel restrictions and deliver their services remotely or through local partners.

However, independent organizations providing humanitarian-to-humanitarian technical services are typically small, operating on tight budgets. It can be difficult to scale up and quickly get to work in an emergency.

The H2H Network’s new Get Ready Fund aims to help members to offer their much-needed services quickly, often in new ways. It will support members to develop processes, systems and services allowing them to adapt and respond faster and more effectively in 2021 and beyond.

As part of the funded package, the developed tools and services will be freely available to all responders.

The network and its fund are supported by UK aid from the UK government. The network is hosted by the Danish Refugee Council.

For further information on the package and available services, see the Service Matrix and Flyer.

(Photo courtesy of ThisisEngineeringRAEng @Unsplash)