Enabling H2H Approaches for Anticipatory Action

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The H2H Network is driving the development of new tools, services and approaches to support Anticipatory Action, working within and beyond the network to pave the way for a more forward-thinking humanitarian system.

Today, just one percent of humanitarian funding is targeted to anticipatory action, despite evidence demonstrating that we can predict with some certainty at least two thirds of crises before they strike. One of the humanitarian sector's areas of historical shortcoming has been its reactive approach, yet this is becoming increasingly untenable in the face of the growing impacts of the climate crisis, and as new tools and technologies are improving to act early.

We believe that H2H actors have a huge potential to enable the expansion of Anticipatory Action (AA), whether by contributing to forecasts and predictive analyses or by supporting more effective anticipatory actions by operational actors. Many H2H Members are already actively working in this area, yet we know there is more to do. In response, the H2H Network, in partnership with USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, has developed a new workstream supporting members to develop new tools, products and services to support AA.

In addition to funding, this will be achieved by fostering an environment where members can collaborate, innovate, develop, and fine-tune H2H services, while actively engaging with the wider system. Throughout 2024, this workstream will encompass three broad and overlapping components:

  • Research and Scoping – consultation within and beyond the H2H membership, as well as desk research, to understand the boundaries of H2H approaches to AA, and better understand the most promising areas of focus
  • Member R&D -  mobilizing resources to the H2H Members to support the development and testing of new H2H AA solutions
  • Learning and Collaboration – documenting and sharing experience from the workstream, and actively participating in conversations about expanding AA in the system

We are keen to hear from those working on AA and who are interested in accessing H2H services. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or get in touch. H2H Members can find more details on the H2H Member Hub.