How do humanitarian-to-humanitarian services support local aid efforts?


Here’s a good example!

H2H Network member CDAC Network sees the Covid-19 pandemic as a large-scale test of the quality of global support for locally led response.

For over a decade, they have led the global movement to embed Communication, Community Engagement and Accountability (CCEA) structures within the humanitarian response architecture.

As part of our live H2H Network Covid-19 service package, CDAC has intensified its support of CCEA efforts in Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Both countries are home to ailing healthcare infrastructure, vulnerable populations, and listed low on the 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

The CDAC project focuses on strengthening CCEA through improved coordination and the rapid collation, generation and dissemination of health messaging related to COVID-19, relevant to humanitarian settings, grounded on a strong evidence base.