H2H Network at HNPW 2022

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The Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW), co-chaired by UN OCHA and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, provides a unique forum for humanitarian networks and partnerships to meet and address key humanitarian issues. One of the largest humanitarian events of its kind, it brings together participants from the UN, NGOs, Member States, the private sector, the military, academia and beyond to discuss and solve common challenges in humanitarian affairs. Over the HNPW weeks, many networks and partnerships hold their annual meetings and consultations, share expertise and collaborate on best practices to address common problems.

HNPW 2022 took place in a hybrid format between 2 May - 20 May, with a face-to-face week 9 May - 13 May.

The H2H Network hosted the following open sessions during the face-to-face week:

Lessons from the Covid-19 info-demic: How fast, collective, and localized action can counter misinformation during crisis

This session provided a deep dive into the H2H Network’s response to the Covid-19 info-demic, asking what worked and what’s needed next, and examined the specific role H2H (humanitarian-to-humanitarian) organizations can play in supporting the wider humanitarian response community to tackle the increasing challenges posed by misinformation and disinformation during crisis. Read the blog written about the session here.

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How humanitarian enablers can enhance response and catalyse change: Lessons from the H2H Fund

How can fast and focused funding help enable more effective humanitarian action and catalyse change in the wider system? This session offered a deep dive into the H2H Network’s funding since 2018, outlined how H2H members can enable the broader humanitarian response system, and explored the lessons we can learn from activations to-date. The session was designed to engage with existing and potential H2H members, as well as those working in the wider humanitarian system who access H2H member services.

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Collaboration in practice: Piloting an integrated Humanitarian Data Package to support effective and equitable Covid-19 vaccine delivery in South Sudan

This session reflected on the development of an innovative package of 'ready to use' baseline data for planning Covid-19 vaccine distribution in South Sudan. MapAction, with funding from the Calleva Foundation, partnered with expert geospatial colleagues from CartONG, OpenMap Development Tanzania, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Afrimapr/ LSTHM, Mapbox and Esri, created a novel concept called the Integrated Humanitarian Data Package (IHDP). This aims to give quick and easy access to key geographic data that underpins the planning and delivery of vaccination programmes, and was developed rapidly in anticipation of the first COVAX supported vaccines arriving in South Sudan.


Briefing session: H2H in action

What is the H2H Network and how can we increase the impact of its members? Independent, innovative H2H organizations providing cross-cutting technical expertise and services have the power to drive more effective, accountable, and inclusive humanitarian action. How can member organizations ensure services are relevant, high-quality, and accessible by a broad range of humanitarian actors? This session brought together H2H network members and other stakeholders from operational agencies and the donor community to share the work of the network, its members and their role as humanitarian enablers.